Sunday, April 26, 2015

PCT 2015 -> Days 14 & 15 (4/25-4/26) (miles 212-250)

Out of the I-10 wind tunnel and into the beautiful terrain of Whitewater Creek and Mission Creek.  From miles 218-226 the wind on the ridges gusted to 50mph which made for entertaining hiking, but along the creeks the miles were easy.  I made camp on Day 14 along Mission Creek at mile 230, it rained for several hours, then wind came rushing down from up canyon and thrashed the tent around.  All in all a fun day of hiking though.  Maybe the best thus far.

Descending to Whitewater Creek

Whitewater Creek

Mouse, Dana, and Costco along Whitewater Creek

Morning at Mile 230 
Day 15 from mile 230-250 was mostly gradual climbing up towards Big Bear from Mission Creek at 4,000 ft to camp at 8,600 ft.  The trail entered mature pine forests and the sky was a brilliant deep blue.

Mission Creek area 

Ponderosa Pines near Big Bear