Friday, April 24, 2015

PCT 2015 -> Days 9-13 (4/20-4/24) (miles 145-211)

The last couple days on trail brought me into and out of the town of Idyllwild, up onto Mt San Jacinto, and then back down into the desert.  Day 9 included breakfast and lunch at Paradise Cafe, a major hiker landmark, and then a road walk into the town of Idyllwild due to a fire closure (from a fire 2 years ago) which closed the PCT from mile 162 to 179.  A lot of hikers were hitching into Idyllwild, but the 20 mile road walk into town turned out OK.

Paradise Cafe

Along the roadwalk into Idyllwild 

After 2 nights in Idyllwild I took the Devils Slide trail from town back to the PCT at mile 179.  From here the trail goes along the flank of Mt San Jancinto, reaching 9,000 ft, and traversing Fuller Ridge.  It snowed from mile 184-190, which added some adventure to Day 12.

San Jacinto State Park

Fuller Ridge snow - San Jacinto SP

From 9,000 feet, the trail drops roughly 7,500 feet back to the desert and Interstate 10.  This is the longest desent on the PCT, and this includes a 20 mile water carry with 5 days of food.  The wind around I-10 was gusting to about 50 mph.  Trail angels Ziggy and the Bear host hikers at mile 211, and provide a place to camp, water, showers, coffee, and a cheap food store.

Near Interstate 10, very windy section

Crossing under I-10