Saturday, May 9, 2015

PCT 2015 -> Days 21-26 (5/2-5/7) (miles 342-444)

The last 6 days brought me from Cajon Pass at Interstate 15 up to the mountain town of Wrightwood, then up Mt Baden-Powell, and finally down to the small town of Acton.

The climb out of Cajon Pass was long and hot but brought nice views of the valley below and my campsite had a great view of the morning sunrise.  The trail climbed into pine forests and then past a ski resort above Wrightwood.I spent 1 night in Wrightwood at a Methodist camp that allows hikers to stay for a $10 donation and offers hot showers and bunk beds.  The town itself is very nice and has several good places to eat for both dinner and breakfast.

Climb up Mt Baden-Powell

Monument at summit of Mt Baden-Powell

Baden-Powell summit view

Camp at mile 425.

Descent into Acton 

I'm going to be taking two days off-trail to rest my left shin tendon but I will resume hiking soon.