Friday, May 15, 2015

PCT 2015 -> Days 27-34 (5/8-5/15) (miles 445-558)

The last stretch of trail from the towns of Acton to Tehachapi had a bit of everything.  After taking two rest days my shin recovered enough to start hiking again and the first day back on trail started off by going through Vasquez Rocks Park, then a road walk through the town of Agua Dulce.  The next day I arrived at the Anderson's, a couple that hosts hikers and parties.  The following day involved a 12 mile road walk around a fire closure, and the next 2 days after that crossed into the Mojave desert and included a walk along the LA aqueduct, a strange place called Hikertown, walking through windfarms, some rain, and finally arrival in the town of Tehachapi.  It feels good to be back on trail and relatively healthy.  Next up is the final stretch of desert before the start of the.....Sierras!

Trail climbing out of Agua Dulce

Campsite above the town of Agua Dulce

The Anderson's

Road walk around fire closure

Morning fog and cold before dropping down into the Mojave

Mile 500 marker

Trail decending into the Mojave


Dirt road walk in the Mojave
LA aqueduct at 6am

Joshua Trees

Mojave windfarm

Trail near Tehachapi