Saturday, May 30, 2015

PCT 2015 -> Days 35-44 (5/16-5/25) (miles 559-702)

The 140 mile section between Tehachapi and Kennedy Meadows is the final stretch of trail in Southern California and brings the desert and long water carries to a close.  The trail out of Tehachapi starts through windfarms and then follows highway 58 for several miles before climbing up through joshua trees and then into ponderosa forest for 20 miles.  The trail then descends back into the desert for 40 miles until climbing out of Walker Pass and into the Owens Peak and Chimney Peak wilderness areas, finally arriving at the gateway to the high Sierra, the small town of Kennedy Meadows.
I enjoyed the ever changing landscapes of this last section immensely and while I look forward to the high peaks, alpine lakes, and mountain streams of the high Sierras, I find myself missing the desert already. 

                  Mile 572 above the Mojave

Mile 572 camp

Sunrise mile 572

Another tasty desert water source 
Descending back into the desert mile 618ish

Dirt road walk near mile 640

Climbing out of Walker Pass with Sparrow and Paparazzi

Skunk roadblock in Owens Peak wilderness 

Final miles into Kennedy Meadows
Kennedy Meadows general store mile 702 with Dana, Julian, Sparrow, Holden, and Jesse
Deck scene at Kennedy Meadows 

First resupply for Sierras