Friday, July 17, 2015

PCT 2015 -> Days 86-96 (7/6-7/16) (miles 1,451-1,716)

Hello Oregon, goodbye California!  After nearly 1,700 miles I've finally reached state #2 of the hike.  California ended on a high note with the last 180 miles of the state passing through several scenic wilderness areas - Castle Crags, Trinity Alps, Russian, and the Marble Mountains wilderness.  I leave the state with many memories, from the early days of finding my trail legs in the desert, to the beauty of the high Sierra, and ending in the lows and highs of the northern section.

Total days in California = 95
Total "zero" days (rest days in town) =10
# of bear sightings = 0
Days with at least some rain = 14ish
# of hitches to towns (round trip) = 9

The trail in Oregon takes a more direct route north, passing by all the state's volcanoes and Crater Lake before ending at Cascade Locks on the Columbia River.

Morning in Trinity Alps wilderness

Trinity Alps wilderness

Morning fog in the Russian wilderness 

Russian wilderness 
Getting a ride into Etna, CA

Etna brewery

Marble Mountains wilderness 

Town of Seiad Valley 

Oregon/California border 

Border sign
Meadow near Mt Ashland