Tuesday, August 4, 2015

PCT 2015 -> Days 111-114 (7/31-8/3) (miles 2,058-2,145)

Another state in the books!  Oregon really seemed to fly by.  The southern section of the state was much drier and dusty than I anticipated, with several long water-less sections similar to the southern California desert.  All in all the state was as pretty as I remembered it, beautiful snow capped peaks with the highlights being the Three Sisters Wilderness and Mt Hood areas.

Now it's onto Washington, and Canada!

Total days in Oregon = 19
Total "zero" days (rest days in town) =1
# of bear sightings = 0
Days with at least some rain = 0
# of hitches to towns (round trip) = 1

Mt Hood looking up White River Canyon

Timberline Lodge breakfast buffet

Mt Hood - Zig Zag Canyon

Tunnel Falls on Eagle Creek alternate trail 

Bridge of the Gods over the Columbia River connecting Oregon/Washington

Bridge of the Gods