Thursday, August 13, 2015

PCT 2015 -> Days 115-123 (8/4-8/12) (miles 2,146-2,350)

Photos from the last 9 days in southern/central Washington, including Mt Adams wilderness, Goat Rocks wilderness, and Mt Rainer national park.  Goat Rocks was some of the most stunning terrain of the entire hike.  Currently I'm a day north of Chinook Pass.  Only 300 miles to go until Canada!

Mt. Adams from northwest side looking up at Pinnacle Glacier

Mt Adams looking south 
Looking south towards Mt Adams from Goat Rocks Wilderness, Walupt Lake below
Goat Rocks Wilderness approaching Cispus Pass

Goat Rocks approaching Cispus River
Snowfield approaching the "Knife's Edge" near Old Snowy alternate 
Looking north towards the Knife's Edge traverse

Trail heading up Knife's Edge - Goat Rocks Wilderness 

Goat Rocks Wilderness looking south towards Old Snowy

Trail bending north before descending to White Pass
Mt Rainer NP with afternoon storm clouds 

Dewey Lake - Wenatchee NF