Saturday, August 29, 2015

PCT 2015 -> Days 134-140 (8/23-8/29) Canada by roadwalk

After departing the PCT at the Blankenship Fire closure (Suiattle Trail junction, mile 2,540) and road walking out 30 miles to the nearest town, I weighed my options for 2 days.  With no way to regain access to the PCT north of mile 2,540, I decided to finish my hike to Canada via an 80 mile road walk from the spot where I had previously stopped.  This would allow me to keep my continuous walking path north from Mexico to Canada intact even though I would not be ending my hike at the official PCT monument.  Coincidentally, the 30 mile walk out from the fire closure, then 80 mile roadwalk to Canada roughly equaled the 110 PCT miles I would be missing.

I walked into Canada at the Sumas WA -Abbotsford BC border crossing on 8/29, 140 days after I began the hike.  It's been a great journey.

The plan now is to come back next week if/when the trail reopens and finish the 60 miles of trail from Rainy Pass to the official PCT northern terminus.

Welcome to BC - 8/29/15

Abbotsford border crossing - 8/29/15
Road walking near Concrete WA - 8/27/15

Stopped at the Birdsview Brewing (Birdsview, WA) on my roadwalk 8/27/15

Road walk near Sedro-Woolley, WA 8/27/15 
Road walking highway 530 north of Darrington - 8/26/15

The 80-mile route from Darrington,WA to the border crossing