Tuesday, September 8, 2015

PCT 2015 -> Days 141-143 (9/4-9/6) (miles 2,590-2,650) The Final Chapter!

After a road walk into Canada (see previous post), I still needed to finish the last 60 miles of trail from Rainy Pass to the official PCT northern monument to wrap up my 2015 journey.  After some rainy weather helped suppress the various fire threats, access to the PCT was reopened allowing me to complete the last 60 miles of trail.

The last section was well worth the wait, the terrain in the Pasayten Wilderness was some of the most scenic of the entire PCT.  After 2,700+ miles, my 2015 hike is now complete.

PCT Northern Terminus 9/6/15

Mexico/Canada - 4/12/15 & 9/6/15
Rain at Rainy Pass - 9/4/15
Methow Pass area - Mile 2,600 

Approaching Harts Pass - Mile 2,615

Harts Pass - 9/5/15

Holman Pass 9/6/15

Woody Pass, Pasayten Wilderness - Mile 2,639

North Cascades fall colors
Windy Pass area 9/7/16 - heading south back to Harts Pass after reaching monument