Sunday, June 12, 2016

AT 2016 -> Days 68-86 (6/4-6/22) (miles 1,294-1,592)

The last 19 days of trail have traveled though NJ, NY, CT, and into MA where I'm currently resupplying in Williamstown, Mass.  The trail in this section has been pleasant, varying from pasture walking to travel along rivers such as the Housatonic in CT.  There have been a lot of highway crossings in this area, but that is to be expected given the proximity to large metropolitan areas.

Photos from NJ through Massachusetts, miles 1,294-1,592:

Crossing from PA into NJ at the Delaware Water Gap

Sunfish Pond, Worthington state forest NJ

High Point State Park NJ

Jim Murray farm campsite - my tent blends in well

Trail above Greenwood Lake, NY

Sunrise over Hudson River, West Mtn NY

Bear Mtn, NY mile 1,400

Crossing Hudson River on Bear Mtn Bridge
Marsh walk near Pawling NY
Rocky trail in Connecticut 

Morning near Salisbury CT

Summit of Bear Mtn, CT mile 1,505
Green trail through MA

Summit of Mount Greylock, MA mile 1,586

Friday, June 3, 2016

AT 2016 -> Days 56-67 (5/23-6/3) (miles 1,035-1,293)

I'm currently at the Delaware Water Gap, PA about to cross into my old home state of NJ.  The last 270 miles through MD & PA have been a bit of a grind.  Very rocky trail (especially the last 1/3 of PA), humid weather, limited views, and one highway crossing after another.  Not the best combination, but it still beats working a desk job though! The trail will hopefully improve through NJ and NY.  

Mason Dixon Line - MD/PA border, mile 1,064

The rocks of PA, the trail just goes on up there, one rock at a time

2016 AT halfway marker, mile 1,095

Historical AT halfway marker (in the past the AT was 2,181 miles, and is now 2,189)

Pasture walking in Cumberland Valley PA - hot & dry stretch

My tent blends in well
Meadow near Conodoguinet Creek, PA


More pasture walking in the Cumberland Valley, nice section of trail

Port Clinton, PA rail station 

Dinner with my Uncle Ed 
Pulpit Rock mile 1,225

More PA rocks, "Knifes Edge" mile 1,246