Sunday, June 12, 2016

AT 2016 -> Days 68-86 (6/4-6/22) (miles 1,294-1,592)

Photos from NJ through Massachusetts, miles 1,294-1,592:

Crossing from PA into NJ at the Delaware Water Gap

Sunfish Pond, Worthington state forest NJ

High Point State Park NJ

Jim Murray farm campsite - my tent blends in well

Trail above Greenwood Lake, NY

Sunrise over Hudson River, West Mtn NY

Bear Mtn, NY mile 1,400

Crossing Hudson River on Bear Mtn Bridge
Marsh walk near Pawling NY
Rocky trail in Connecticut 

Morning near Salisbury CT

Summit of Bear Mtn, CT mile 1,505
Green trail through MA

Summit of Mount Greylock, MA mile 1,586